Craigslist Alternative Sites

Craigslist Alternative Sites

Since the crack down on internet companies like Rentboy and Backpage, Craigslist remains personal ad free.  Several other sites have tried to recapture that huge amount of traffic. FOSTA being the legal challenge to site immunity of visitors actions. seems the most successful thus far but it isnt yet a full alternative. is the other up start for visitors.

Still some niche sites are trying to corner segments of the personal ad market. Craigslist Alternative seeks to cover the oral sex of visitors in a craigslist like modern site.  It still is yet to reach the traffic of the first two sites mentioned.

The prize of replacing Craigslist and Backpage is considerable traffic, SEO and financial benefits.  Craigslist fall in ranking from personals traffic was as high as 25% based on Google Trends data.

The health repercussions remain unknown.


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